Welcome to Just Us Club!

Just Us Club is a private charitable organization that provides high-quality, affordable, family friendly programs for children and adults with disabilities.

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Most of the participants in our programs have moderate to severe developmental disabilities. Just Us Club is a parent/family-directed organization with bi-monthly board meetings. All parents and family guardians are encouraged to participate. In addition, Just Us Club offers Saturday respite care twice a month, as well as activities and respite during school breaks whenever feasible.

Just Us Kids operates a licensed daycare program at High Point School, 1735 S. Wagner Rd., in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Just Us Adult Program is at 3132 Glazier Way, Ann Arbor, Michigan (near the University of Michigan north campus).





    Associated with

    washtenaw intermediate school district



For the Adult Activity Program, arrangements for transportation are made by familes/cargivers. Some familes use the AATA Bus.

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