Just Us Club Kids

Just Us Club Kids operates a licensed daycare program at High Point School, 1735 S. Wagner Rd. in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The program is open to any student with a disability who can function in a group setting. It is available for students up to 26 years old for after-school care, five days a week, on regular school days, 2:30 - 6:00 p.m. Students do not have to attend High Point to participate. The staff to student ratio is 1:3. Here students engage in fine-motor development, development of growth and motor skills and weekly theme-centered projects.

  • Games
  • Baking
  • Movies
  • Art Projects
  • Outdoor Fun
  • Music Therapy (Most Popular)

Accommodations are made for individual needs and preferences. In addition, Just Us Club offers Saturday respite care and activities and respite during school breaks whenever feasible.

Students who do not attend High Point, many families make arrangements for their children to be transported by school bus to High Point School. Parents make their own arrangements to pick up their children at the end of the day or have them picked up by an AATA bus. For the Young Adult Program and other respite events, families provide transportation.