just us club

Testimonials From Parents and Staff

  • My sister Lynnette, had been a member of the Just Us Club for almost six years. The care, concern, love and nurturing from the JUC staff is magnificently fantastic! They're angels!" -Julie Jenkins

  • "My son, Austin, has been in the Just Us Club program for 3 years. It's a great feeling to know that he is well taken care of by a wonderful and trained staff. Austin attends Just Us Club after school and is bused there from his program twice a week while my husband and I work. Just Us Club not only offers the after school care, but two Friday night respites a month. It gives us a chance to do things that are too stimulating for our son, who has severe Autism." -Paula, mom of Austin, Age 13.

  • "For years, I saw the Just Us Club notices on the back door at the High Point building, our son Dominic was in pre-school. Two years later, I inquired about it and heard only good things. Still, I was reluctant to leave him with anyone 'unfamiliar.' I was worried about anyone handling our son's behavior problems. Two years after that, I finally got up the nerve to talk with Director, Marilyn Johnston. Pretty much after meeting her and the other staff, I was sold that these people cared about all who entered their doors. Stephanie, Molly, Carrie, Brooke, Genevieve, Jessica and the rest, were not unfamiliar for long, as Dominic got to know all of them and they each made their own connection with him. Just Us Club is a wonderful program where all friends who attend are treated with respect, care and have lots of fun. I hope people who need such respite services won't hesitate as long as I did." -Martha

  • "Working at just us club has been a life changing experience. I adore the students we work with. Just us club students and staff have always been like family to me." -Chelsea Broady

  • "The smiles that the kids get on their face just brighten your day. No matter where you are or where you go the kids will always be there for for you and me. When i left for 3 years i did not stop thinking about Just us Club. Therefore, the reason i am back is to work for the children that I love so dearly." -Carrie Livingston

  • "Joy Pangborn had been attending Just Us Club for at least 10 years. She went full time at the Adult program in September 2007. The staff at the program are wonderful caring people. Joy enjoyed going everyday. As a parent of a special needs child, I am thankful that I don't have to worry about her care, or her emotional well being. I think of them as my extended family." - Julie Pangborn

  • "I would like to thank all the JUC families for giving me the opportunity to provide care for your children over the past 8 years! I have been truly blessed to work with such wonderful families and will always remember every child I have had the pleasure to work with. It was always a joy coming into JUC and seeing all the kids progress and grow in their own way. Being director of JUC kids has been such a positive learning experience along with working with some of the most talented staff. I must highlight that It has been an honor to work for JUC in addition to learning from one of the most giving person I have ever met Marylin Johnston. As most of you know I have completed my MA and will be soon completing my licensure this year to be a fully certified behavior analyst, in addition I will continue on to pursue my doctoral degree. Currently I was recently hired as an behavior therapist for a behavior consulting firm, which has so far been a great experience. As I conclude my employment as director at JUC , I want all you to know that I appreciate the relationships I have built with many of the JUC families, and will continue to advocate for and support the special needs population, and their families. I'm only a phone call away and would love to keep in touch. I will drop in to visit as I can, I will miss seeing everyone. Once again thank you so much JUC families and staff for giving me the opportunity to be part of your lives and supporting me as I cared for the stars of JUC. Just Us Club Rocks!!!" -Stephanie Swain